Sessions: Thu 24 January - Wed 30 January
New Plymouth 06 759 9077
119 - 125 Devon St East
New Plymouth, NZ,
Traditional Sessions
BTS World Tour Love Yourself in Seoul (G) 114 mins No Free Tickets

Sat 3:00PM

Dragon Ball Super: Broly (PG) 101 mins No Free Tickets

Thu 6:30PM

Sun 3:30PM

Simmba (RP13) 159 mins No Free Tickets

Fri 8:00PM

Film Synopsis
Dragon Ball Super: Broly (PG)
Goku and Vegeta encounter Broly, a Saiyan warrior unlike any fighter they've faced before.
BTS World Tour Love Yourself in Seoul (G)
Simmba (RP13)
Simmba is a fully corrupted police officer who gets transferred to City-X. There he joins hands with Main Antagonist "Actor-X" and treads the corruption route.Twist in the tale arises when Simmba girlfriend"Sara" gets accidentally kidnapped by Actor-X.