Sessions: Thu 1 June - Wed 7 June
The Embassy 04 384 7657
10 Kent Terrace
Wellington, ,
Traditional Sessions
McLaren (G) 93 mins No Free Tickets

Wed 10:30AM

Wonder Woman (M) 141 mins No Free Tickets

Thu Fri Sat 6:10PM, 9:10PM

Sun 6:10PM

Film Synopsis
Wonder Woman (M)
An Amazon princess leaves her island home to explore the world and, in doing so, becomes one of the world's greatest heroes.
McLaren (G)
The story of Bruce McLaren, the New Zealander who founded the McLaren Motor Racing team. A man who showed the world that a man of humble beginnings could take on the elite of motor racing and win
Radff: Where Architects Live (E)
Eight architects, eight houses, eight stories, eight paradigms of contemporary living. This documentary gives an intriguing insight into the daily lives of the world’s leading designers including Shigeru Ban, Mario Bellini and Zaha Hadid.
Radff: Windshield & The Oyler House (E)
A Neutra double feature. WINDSHIELD immerses us in the 1930s to reveal the story of a couple that commissioned Neutra to design a monumental, but ill-fated house. THE OYLER HOUSE returns for an in-depth look at Neutra’s celebrated desert retreat.
Radff: Eero Saarinen (E)
This film examines the life of Finnish-American architectural visionary Eero Saarinen who iconic buildings include St Louis’ Gateway Arch. Narrated with love by Saarinen’s son Eric.
Radff: Some Kind Of Joy (E)
Sit back, relax and enjoy an inspiring and engaging tour of 12 of the finest projects of renowned architectural practice Grimshaw. We hear firsthand from the people who brought Bath Spa, the Eden Project and Southern Cross Station to life.
Radff: Can You Dig This? (E)
As part of an urban gardening movement taking root in South Los Angeles, people are planting to transform their neighbourhoods and are changing their own lives in the process. This film follows the journeys of four unlikely gardeners.
Radff: Yohji Yamamoto/Dressmaker (E)
Yohji Yamamoto, one of high fashion’s most influential designers, shares his deepest insights. This film sheds light on his artistic approach and how he sees the fashion industry today.
Radff: Uncommon Sense (E)
After a chance meeting with Gandhi, British architect Laurie Baker devoted himself to India, becoming known as the Father of Indian Green Architecture. Affordable, beautiful and environmentally conscious housing for all was his mantra.