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Love Live! Fans get your penlights ready, as Aqours return once again for another all-out amazing concert event from Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Japan!

Fans across Auckland will be able to relive the concert experience for one day only with a special screening of the second day of this amazing concert event. For the first time ever, Aqours will be performing a full-length concert in Tokyo at the world famous Tokyo Dome.

We highly encourage fans to bring along their penlights and glow sticks to cheer along with other fans at these screenings, but please take care and note the following: Disruptive and excessive yelling will not be tolerated. Please be aware of your surroundings and others around you when you cheer. Avoid excessive jumping from your seats. Filming and recording of any kind is strictly prohibited. Please do not use your smartphone inside the cinema during the course of the concert viewing event.

This is a special one-off screening so do not miss out and be sure to come and cheer on your favourite members. Book your tickets now!

DATE: Saturday 15 December
TIME: 2:00pm

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