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Join us for a Q&A Special Event Screening with William Paul Young, Jason Pamer, and Justin Torrence at EVENT Cinemas St Lukes.

The Heart of Man is a cinematic retelling of the Prodigal son story contrasted with the gritty and vulnerable true stories of people who've walked out of a moralistic and behavior-centric journey with God It’s a story inviting us to leave behind our broken, moralistic and religious way of thinking and relating to God and to others. Once we begin to know who God is (and as a result who we are), we have something to invite the world into. Freedom from performance. Freedom from managing our behaviour so we appear acceptable to God. Freedom from our addictions, compulsive behaviours, secrecy and double lives.

This film tears the view of confusion over the church’s current identity crisis and enables us to invite the rest of the world to the feast God is throwing all of us. The Film features emotional interviews with real people going through their mess and subsequent healing, and includes expert witnesses of such men as William Paul Young, author of the NY Times best-selling novel “The Shack”, and Dan Allender, PhD, author of "The Wounded Heart.” All of that is interwoven with a retelling of the “prodigal son” narrative story.


DATE: Tuesday 26 June
TIME: 6:30pm


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