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Experience Raphael, Botticelli & Caravaggio's masterpieces as you have never seen them before!

RAPHAEL - The Lord of the Arts
Saturday 19 May
The first ever film adaptation of Renaissance master Raphael Sanzio and his art
This visually stunning new film combines in-depth explorations of Raphael’s astonishing art, and immersive historical reconstructions featuring acclaimed actor and director Flavio Parenti (To Rome With Love, Io sono l’amore), inspired by 18th Century paintings depicting fragments of Raphael’s life.


Sunday 3 June
An astonishing and immersive film that delves deeply into Botticelli's legendary painting
Even after many centuries Botticelli’s works continue to engage and excite. Every year his most famous paintings draw thousands upon thousands of visitors to museums and exhibitions all over the world. However one of his most intimate and mysterious drawings - perhaps one of the most significant if we are to achieve a deeper understanding of him– lay locked up for years in the climate-controlled vaults of the Vatican. This is the drawing that Botticelli dedicated to Dante's Inferno, which has now taken the leading role in an original, exciting documentary film.


CARAVAGGIO - The Soul and the Blood
Saturday 23 June
A brand-new documentary on the life and work of Italian master Caravaggio and the birth of modern painting
An immersive and visually stunning journey of light and shadows through the struggles and successes of the revolutionary and controversial artist, joining him on his travels through Milan, Venice, Rome, Naples, Sicily and Malta as he tries to flee his many demons. A must-see for any art lover, exclusive to cinemas.
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DATE: May - June
TIME: 3:30pm

LOCATIONS: Havelock North & New Plymouth

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