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We’ve brought back some absolute classics ‘cause they’re just better on the big screen!


Experience Moulin Rouge, Fight Club, Planet of the Apes, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Evil Dead, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Matrix, Gremlins, The Devil Wears Prada, Predator, The Goonies, & The Never Ending Story in The Grand auditorium!


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*$1.50 Online booking fee applies. Not valid in platinum seating. You must be a member of Cinebuzz Rewards and be logged in to your account at time of ticket purchase. For in-cinema purchase you must swipe your Cinebuzz card. 

^Based on the reward benefit for standard admission. Rewards points cannot be redeemed for Special Screenings & Events.

DATE: From Thursday 18 June

PRICE: $10* Cinebuzz members | Non-members full price

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