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Tickets are now on sale for Fireworks, a Japanese animated romantic drama based on the 1993 live-action drama of the same name.



Event Cinemas Queen Street
Thursday 19 October, 


Regular sessions from 26 October playing at EVENT Cinemas Albany, Palmerston North, Queen Street, St Lukes, New Plymouth, Tauranga and The Embassy Theatre!


One summer day in a seaside town, students Norimichi and Yusuke meet their crush, Nazuna, at the pool where they then have a swimming race to impress her. Norimichi loses but finds a mysterious ball in the water. Yusuke wins and is asked by Nazuna to go watch the fireworks together. When Nazuna reveals to Norimichi that she was going to elope with the winner to get away from her mother’s remarriage, Norimichi angrily throws the ball he found in the water. At once, he finds himself back at the moment of the race. With the day repeating over and over again, what answers will Nazuna and Norimuchi find?


Sessions are limited so make sure you get your tickets now!

DATE: Premiere Thursday 19 October, 6:30pm | Limited Sessions from 26 October

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