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Paani Ch Madhaani

Paani Ch Madhaani M

Pani ch madhani is a story of a flop singer named Gulli who has come across with a team of losers to be successful. The entire team is focusing much on the waterfalls (jugaad)rather than approach to a flexible resource or efforts. This made them have a good singer named Sohni in there group, because of this they got a show in England But again due to their faults they didn’t grab much opportunity, Sohni shines out alone there and all of there falls back from where they started off . As in state of frustration they place a ticket out for lottery. Which make them actually win but unfortunately they lost the ticket token. They all try to search the ticket in each street of London searching out from avenue to street As far as they didn’t find it and reality came across that success has a mantra of hard work with a approach of dedication not being comfortable with waterfalls (jugaad)
Release Date:


Running Time:

130 mins

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