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Bringing a delicious new twist to the movie-going experience!


Way back in the heady days of films & premieres & movie stars, the hidden laneway next to Sydney’s iconic State Theatre - Parlour Lane - was the perfect place to find vendors selling fresh popcorn to hungry entertainment seekers. Inspired by these screen-snacking pioneers, the Parlour Lane Popcorn Company has perfected the moreish deliciousness of a bygone era, with exciting popcorn flavours to make any film drool-worthy.


Featuring five indulgent flavours, Parlour Lane is sure to have a snack suited to any appetite or inclination:
- Spicy Nacho: Ignite the fire within with this taste bud tickler!
- Sweet & Salty: Enjoy the simple pleasures in life with this perfect mix of salty and sweet.
- Salted Caramel: Creamy decadence with a hint of salty goodness – giving you the complete crunch.
- New York Mix: Bring together cheese and creamy caramel – a match made in gourmet heaven!
- Salt & Vinegar: So salty, so sour, so epically delicious


Exclusively available at Event Cinemas and the Embassy Theatre in New Zealand.