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Home Coming

Home Coming R16

Violence & content that may disturb
War broke out in Numia. Dawei Zong (YI ZHANG), a Chinese diplomat previously stationed in Numia, and Lang Cheng (JUNKAI WANG), a new attaché in the Chinese Foreign Ministry, are sent to assist in the evacuation of Chinese nationals. Upon completion of the original task, they found out that a group of stranded Chinese led by Hua Bai, the General Manager of Huaxing Company Numia Branch, was heading towards a meeting point at the border for evacuation. Zong and Cheng decided to brave the war zone. The last 100 kilometers of distance saw how these two unarmed diplomats took 125 people through gunfires and desert back home.
Release Date:


Running Time:

137 mins


Xiaozhi Rao


Haoyu Chen, Taishen Cheng, Qian Wan, Junkai Wang, Xun Wang, Tao Yin, Yi Zhang, Zixian Zhang

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