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Indoo Ki Jawani

Indoo Ki Jawani M

Violence & sexual references
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A GIRL FROM SMALL TOWN INDIA SWIPES RIGHT ON TINDER??? ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!!!! Enter the world of Indoo Gupta, our film’s spunky, opinionated twenty-three-year-old, who is determined to wear her heart on her sleeve in order to find her Prince Charming… to bring him home to her Mummyji and Papaji. Only, she’s caught between her value system that wants to be aspiringly modern and at the same time, respect wholesome traditions… never the twain shall meet?? But they do, and they clash every day in Indoo’s life. So, when her heart is indeed broken by Satish, her overly amorous boyfriend who has only one thing on his mind (because that’s what boys always do), she turns to her best friend, confidante and conscience – the cherubic Sonal. Indoo gets introduced to the world of dating app… where she swipes right and meets this charming handsome Darcy like-stranger, Samar who happens to be everything that she wants, yet he is everything her mind is conditioned not to. On such fateful night, the dating app connects two individuals on an unusual date and their date night gradually turns out to be an interesting long-night with full of surprises. The night witnesses a series of incidents that take place, right from the interference of the clichéd North Indian neighbours to the kids in her colony, creating a mess.
Release Date:


Running Time:

116 mins


Abir Sengupta


Kiara Advani, Aditya Seal

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