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One And Only

One And Only PG

Coarse language
Chen Shuo, who has been performing "commercial street dance" for a living, meets his best coach, Ding Lei, and joins the street dance club Exclamation Point. The dancers in the club are all different, so they have different sparks and laughs with Chen Shuo. While Chen Shuo is integrating into the group, Exclamation Point is facing disbandment and Chen Shuo receives heavy blows one after another. The love for dance and the precious emotions of sympathy between teammates support Chen Shuo and Ding Lei to go through the slump and revive. In the end, Chen Shuo and Ding Lei win the highest glory of their own.
Release Date:


Running Time:

125 mins


Da Peng


Huang Bo, Liu Mintao, Xiao Shenyang, Wang Yibo, Yue Yunpeng, Song Zuer

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